How Much is a Laboratory Vacuum Pump


Laboratory vacuum pumps play an important role in the pharmaceutical industry, finding a use for the manufacture of bulk drugs, intermediate products, or active pharmaceutical ingredients. Laboratory Vacuum Pumps Market size worth $ 1,926.47 Million, Globally, by 2028 at 5.32%

If you need to purchase a new batch of laboratory vacuum pump products, then you need to know the latest price trends of laboratory vacuum pumps. This article will give you a detailed introduction to how much it costs to purchase a laboratory vacuum pump, and what factors affect the price of a laboratory vacuum pump.


How Much Does a Laboratory Vacuum Pump Cost?

We have listed the latest laboratory vacuum pump price list for you in 2022, you can refer to it.

Laboratory Vacuum Pump Price
$69.00 - $176.00
Laboratory Vacuum Pump Price
$209.00 - $575.00
Laboratory Vacuum Pump Price
$96.00 - $276.00
Laboratory Vacuum Pump Price
$40.00 - $100.00
Laboratory Vacuum Pump Price
$269.00 - $676.00
Laboratory Vacuum Pump Price
$180.00 - $33.00

What Are the Factors Affecting the Price of Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

When pricing your lab vacuum pump, you may experience a sticker price shock. There are a few things you need to consider when considering the price of these machines. Below are the items that will affect the cost of the selected equipment.


The price (retail price) of a common laboratory vacuum pump is between $170 and $500. The capabilities of each machine have a large impact on the cost of the equipment. The price of the machine will depend on the capability of the equipment.

Shell material

In the production of laboratory vacuum pumps, different manufacturers will use different grades of anti-corrosion materials to manufacture laboratory vacuum pumps. The better the performance of the anti-corrosion material, the higher the price of the laboratory vacuum pump.

Different manufacturers

No matter what kind of manufacturer, the greater the overall strength of the manufacturer, the higher the price may be. Although the total output of large manufacturers is relatively large, the production cost will be relatively high. And some manufacturers have different retail and wholesale prices. The more they buy, the more they enjoy wholesale prices.


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